1: Analysis: topic, target group, learning goals


The KPI course content combines Information Literacy framework with academic writing. It is enough to know just a basic. Only if you are very interested, go deeper to read about IL models. More important could be your module topic.

Target group

KPI is primarily for students of bachelor degree (mainly 1st semester), but anybody can subscribe.

  • Who are those people? 🙂
  • What are their needs?
  • How much they know about this topic? Which level?
  • What preferences do they have for learning?
  • Are they familiar with e-learning?
  • What is their level of work with IT?
  • What about their motivation?

Let’s meet them to understandEmpathy phase of design thinking.
Qualitative X quantitative.

Learning Goals X Objectives

For direction and learning content. Usually, we can use Bloom’s taxonomy. Here you have some examples, try what fit’s you. 

Read the basics, for example:


  1. Know topic of your module & find information about the target group and learning objectives.

    Please read one of the recommended articles or similar one + at least two more resources depends on your need.
    Share these resources with short annotation. In the second week, you can read some of the nice sources from your buddies.

  2. Understand your target group.

    Make 1-3 interviews with bachelor degree student (the first year is the best). If you need help to find them, write me. / Alternative or combination: create a questionnaire.
    Share with others report what you found.

  3. Create 5-10 learning objectives for bachelor degree students.

    Share with others. In the second week improve your objectives after online discussion with others.

Publish your blog post in English during Monday, thank you very much. Feel free to ask me for more info any time except weekends.


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