3: Content – Edu video​

We started topic educational videos with Irina Matusevich from CIT. You can contact her and visit the studio for sure. Here you can find her pdf.

What is next?

Get inspired.

Science popularisation: Badatelna MUNI, A15–Akademická čtvrthodinka UP
Czech video-courses platform: Seduo, Nostis
Private / paid courses: Mindset Academy
Video in higher education courses: VT 2016 ve 20 minutách: Sémantické technologie
KISK, Lekce předmětu Vzdělávací technologie v práci učitele UK Praha, PedF
Google: Digitální garáž
MOOC platforms: Coursera, EdX,
YouTube channels: VOXThe School of Life
Khan Academy
…find your own! 🙂

(Recommended time: 30 minutes)

Think about tools.

If you are at the beginning, I strongly recommend you to use some instant tool. Adobe Spark makes half of the work for you. You can find here “Story templates” and choose “Teach a lesson”. This template will guide you. You can combine it with some screencasting tool, for example. If you are curious or advanced, try whatever you want 🙂

(Recommended time: 30 minutes)

General tools and editors:
Adobe Spark – free, easy, web/mobile
Adobe Premiere – you can use at KISK (Seminární místnost)
Da Vinci Resolve – free, advanced video editor
QUIK – free, mobile
Youtube – start a channel! 🙂
Animated video tools:
Screencasting tools:

Write a script.

You have already written a very nice script. If you want, read a little bit more about this kind of writing, maybe you can change something. Look at the practical advice and feedback by Irina one more time.

Look at the part of your script with production notes. What is the best way how to show the topic or specific parts? How to engage the student?

Decide where you want to be visible. It is not necessary to be visible for a whole video. For example, you can introduce and summarize the topic. The main part of the video could be different. How to show it, how to explain it? what is the best way, how technology can help us to achieve that goal?

If you are talking about mindmaps, maybe you can screencast creation of a map in xMind. If you are talking about typography, maybe you can type or show pictures with a good and bad typo. Maybe you can animate, demonstrate…

You can check Education videos this how-to page, or this article The Art Of Writing Great Voiceover Scripts.

(Recommended time: 20 minutes)

Just do it.

Make a 2-4 minutes edu video. Recommended tool is Adobe Spark, but it is not necessary. Be visible speaker at least 20 seconds 🙂 Add pictures, text, screencast, animation, music, or whatever you found important for your topic. You can make it serious, funny, crazy – no borders.

Publish your video on Youtube (you can make it private just for us) and paste it into your blog post with your script link. Please add commentary of your video making process.

Option 2: You rather die than put your face on video? Is it so bad? Really? You have a great possibility to just try it. Still bad? Ok, please don’t die. Make something instead of it. Imagine you really need to engage students.

(Recommended time: 3 hours)

We changed schedule because of the holiday. Please, publish your blog post till Sunday 20:00. From that time you can give a feedback to your mates till Monday 20:00. 


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